Are roots growing in your sewer?

Tree root drain problem?

Is your drain line slow or blocked? PDM Drain Doctors and help with the tools and experience to get you back to normal, fast.

In thirsty times tree and shrub roots will travel far and wide to find water. It’s like they can smell moisture vapors leaking from tiny cracks in water and sewer pipe lines and head towards it.

Roots scratch, dig, bore their way into tiny openings to reach food and water. If not stopped they will fill up the pipe and begin trapping grease and other drain debris meaning slowed drains or reduced water pressure.

Root pressure often breaks pipes and can mean costly repairs. Clay drain pipe is common in older homes and is easier for roots to penetrate and damage. PVC pipe makes it harder for roots to enter.

If your water pressure or drain lines are slow and you suspect a root problem, remember that roots won’t go away. PDM plumbers can clear the line with powerful cutting blades. But sometimes we have to dig several feet down to reach the clog and repair or replace the broken pipe and cut away roots in the area.

Tip – if you suspect roots as a cause of slow drains you can try a little “root-x”. Before you go to bed flush some down the toilet and you may help reduce the growth of roots in your pipes.

If it’s time to investigate the cause, PDM Drain Doctors can help. Call for a drain line camera inspection and see the problem. PDM has been installing and repairing drain lines for over 100 years.