Do You Turn Your Thermostat Fan Setting To On Or Auto?

Home Ventilation And Air Filtering In Joliet HVAC 101

Some people love to turn the fan “On” to filter the air and avoid stuffy or uneven temperatures. Especially those who have newer HVAC systems with high efficient ECM fan motors.

Others use “Auto” to lower operating costs. Older HVAC systems generally have a 500 watt fan motor which, if run all year, can be about as much a a refrigerator. Also, the fan may help circulate humidity in the summer. And if ducts are not insulated or have significant air leaks, your HVAC works harder.

Fan “On” or “Auto”?

Like everything in life it depends on you. If air quality and comfort are important, then “On” setting will be best. Other days, “Auto” will work better. Just don’t be afraid to to switch and learn for yourself the value of each setting. If you notice a difference take note. Jump into the latest thermostat technology.

Don’t overlook the condition of your duct work.

EPA says 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.  Check your air duct for leaks. If you DIY, please not use grey tape to seal a crack as it won’t last. Ask for special duct sealing products. And look inside a vent to see how dirty your ducts are. Learn when to consider duct cleaning, see video.

PDM Clean Team is experienced with furnace, air conditioning, duct sealing, duct cleaning, air filtering and thermostat repair, maintain, install. Don’t forget, a clean, well tuned A/C system avoids breakdowns and lowers utility bills. See video.