The Endless Game of Catch-Up

Quality Heating Service In JolietIt sure does feel like we are always playing catch-up – at work, at home, with our friends and family – the list goes on and on and there is never enough time to do it all. I can’t tell you how many times I think of something I need to take care of or something that I know needs to be looked at by a professional, but I never actually get it done because there is always something else more pressing – usually it is the “something” that has just broken.

It is the same thing with home comfort HVAC systems. We rarely think about what they may need until they are not working at all. It seems a little silly, doesn’t it? We would never take a 3 month journey in our car without first at least having the oil changed, but year after year, we turn on our furnaces without a single thought as to what condition they may be in or if they will even work at all.

WARNING… Approaching System Failure

Having our systems serviced every year is an absolute must. It truly is the equivalent to having the oil changed in our cars. The only difference is that our cars ding and flash “change oil” notices to us relentlessly until we get it done. Our heating systems really should do the same thing. If they are not serviced properly, they will not work as they should no matter how cold it is or how badly you need it to.

Break the cycle of playing catch-up and make sure your system is serviced for this winter.

The Pros of Having Your System Serviced

  • By having your system serviced now, you’re helping prevent uncomfortable and inconvenient “down” time during a system failure on a very cold winter day.
  • You get the reassurance that you’re not breathing in the poisonous gas of carbon monoxide. Furnaces get old and run down just like everything else, and when they do, they can start leaking this really dangerous gas. It is important to protect yourself and your family by having your furnace serviced each year.
  • It saves you money. Yes, you read that right. You save money having your system serviced because it will not have to work as hard to warm your home – and that keeps energy dollars in your pocket.

It is safe to assume you want your home to run safely and efficiently, and PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling can help you achieve that goal today by servicing your home comfort system. Just schedule a HVAC tune-up here or call us at 815-207-4111.