Ready For The Summer Heat & Bug Bites?

mosquito_biteBefore you know it, muggy summer days will be here.

  1. Begin by getting an a/c tune-up to wake up your a/c from a long winter sleep. See video on why a/c tune-ups work. Ask about PDM’s no breakdown guarantee!
  2. Next, prevent bugs, like mosquitoes, from breeding in your yard. Keep your yard free of bucket or containers filled with water. Clean up decaying leaves. Change your outdoor lightbulbs to LED and plug in a fan when your sitting on the porch.
  3. Avoid wearing perfume and aftershave when outdoors. Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell.
  4. If you’re bitten: cool compresses, Cortizone 10 or white vinegar can ease itching. If you develop a fever, body ache, sickness, or rashes, seek medical help.
  5. Choose repellents carefully. Try plant based products. And if you must use deet, select products with 15 to 30 percent deet like Off Family Care Smooth & Dry.

Well tuned A/C system helps avoid breakdowns and lowers utility bills. Call PDM to schedule a convenient A/C tune-up before summer arrives. 815-207-4111.