Small Remodeling Tweaks, Big Results

bathroom towel shelfMoen faucets & more offers 15 smart ways to give a kitchen or bath sparkle without spending a fortune.

  1. Replace the standard builder-grade faucet with a designer faucet, such as the sleek, contemporary 90 Degree faucet from Moen.
  2. Repaint. It’s lot of bang for a little cash. And if the homeowner doesn’t like the new color, it’s easy and cheap to change.
  3. When tiling a shower, run the tile onto the ceiling to finish the look.
  4. Build a niche. Whether it’s in a shower wall for toiletries or above a soaking tub for decorative items, a niche is an easy way to add space, depth and drama without adding a lot of expense.
  5. Replace bathroom accessories – towel bars, hooks, toilet paper holders – with a finish that matches the faucets and lighting.
  6. Add a skylight in the bath. It brings in a tremendous amount of natural light without sacrificing privacy.
  7. Use pendant lighting in the kitchen. If there are recessed can lights over a peninsula or island, it’s easy to replace the cans with pendants because the wiring is already in place.
  8. Add storage to a kitchen backsplash with a rail system. It provides additional storage space by taking things out of the cabinets, and it can be very attractive.
  9. Add under-cabinet lighting.
  10. Dress up an inexpensive tile kitchen backsplash with an odd number of visually interesting accent tiles.
  11. Switch out the cabinetry hardware. Some recent trends involve combined materials, such as metal and wood or metal and leather.
  12. If you have the space in a traditional or transitional kitchen, add crown molding or light rail molding.
  13. Upgrade bathroom lighting by replacing the standard builder bar over the medicine cabinet with something more decorative.
  14. Replace the basic bathroom mirror with a decorative framed one. If the mirror is glued to the wall, then put a frame around it. Moen’s MirrorScape framing system coordinates with the finish of the fixtures.
  15. When installing a tile floor in a bath, use the leftover tile for the baseboard.

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Tips courtesy of Craig LaDuke, founder and owner, LaDuke Construction in Marysville, Mich.; Michelle Labriola, designer for Materials Marketing, America’s largest integrated stone fabricator; and Jamie Goldberg, an NKB-certified kitchen and bath designer and the Sensible Style blogger for