8 Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Help

PDM Industrial Grade Sump Pumps In Joliet-Chicago AreaSump Pumps Run Until They Stop.

If any of these conditions occur, please contact PDM to keep you safe and dry.

  1. Is the sump pump rusty
  2. Age: Six years old or older replace and use old pump as a back up sump pump
  3. Sump pump makes strange noises
  4. Sump pump vibrates a lot while running
  5. Sump pump hasn’t run since the last rain
  6. Gets stuck sometimes
  7. Sump runs constantly
  8. Builder sump pump (known to be the cheapest pumps on the market)

Call PDM Plumbing since 1885 for trusted sump pump maintenance, repair and replacement before the next heavy rain. If not a sealed pump PDM can test to learn about its life. Call 815-207-4111 or order online.