In the old days dogs and rats were used to clean sewers.

In the early years, before specialized equipment came along to help clean sewer piping, one unique approach to cleaning a drain was practiced:

sewer cleaning historyFirst a rat was caught and put in a cage which was set down in the invert of the sewer at a manhole.

Second, a rat terrier dog was put into the next downstream manhole with a tag line tied to it. When the dog sensed the presence of the rat, he would run up through the sewer towards the cage … dragging the tag line with him.

The dog was then lifted to the surface and the tag line used to pull through a rope — which, in turn, was used to insert heavier tools into the sewer. The Early Years of Sewer Maintenance.

Did you know in 1885 Chicago became the first city to have a comprehensive sewage system? That was the time PDM began as a full service hardware store, the Statue of Liberty came ashore from France and Coca Cola was invented.

drain tool

In 1957 Rudy Mahalik, Sr. invented this drain cleaning tool to improve safety and help us get you back to normal fast

Drain Roots

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