Avoid Heat Stroke By Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Senior heat stroke danger

Avoid overheating by making sure your ac is operating safely and efficiently.

Heat exhaustion comes from being overheated. But with seniors heat illness can take place over days, not hours.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion.

We all know many seniors bodies are loosing the ability to regulate body temperature very well especially with certain medications. Elders tend to stay indoors longer and drink less water (dehydration), even have salt depletion … so drinking water may not help if they continue to sweat.

Senior heat stroke symptoms can include confusion, dizziness, muscle cramps, weakness, headache, tiredness, heat rash that is pink, red bumps and itching if they are outside. Our concern is that some symptoms may not seem related to the heat because you are indoors.

Avoid AC problems.

An ac unit that is not cooling properly is a high risk situation. It’s why proper air conditioning maintenance is so important for seniors. For over 100 years we’ve seen how dirt and neglect is the number one cause of higher utility bills and cooling breakdowns.

With the hottest days ahead of us, now is a good time to check your ac from top to bottom. Learn more about PDM Cooling tune-up and no breakdown guarantee or call 815-207-4111 for a convenient appointment and save $20 off our regular price.