Salt: The flavor of our (winter) lives.

Playing in the snow and winter eye problemsMPC Regionalist explores our love-hate relationship with road salt.

If the costs and hassles to clear roads of snow and ice “…isn’t reason enough, there is another major impetus for improving the effectiveness of local road salting that isn’t inherently about finance or government efficiency, but the environment.

If you recall from high school chemistry class, road salt breaks down as sodium chloride. Turns out chloride does not readily dissolve in water, instead causing harm to aquatic life and plants.

Chloride concentrations in Illinois waterways are on the rise, and Chicago area waterways alone have chloride concentrations beyond the legal limit of 500 milligrams per liter of water. It’ll come as no surprise that this spike coincides with road salting season.

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Drinking Water Filter

Dangers of chlorinated water at home.

And if you’re tired of smelling, tasting and living with the unhealthy side to bathing (drinking, cooking) in chlorinated water, PDM plumbers can help with a water filter that removes chlorine from your home water supply.