4  Steps To A Safer Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

3 out of 4 falls occur in the bathroom. No matter your age you can make your bathroom safer and avoid a trip to the hospital.

  1. Add grab bars to avoid a fall. Grab bars are now available that match towel bars, even a shelf and toilet paper holder. Place near entrance to bath or shower, in shower, by toilet.
  2. Avoid scalding hot water, especially after someone flushes a toilet. Water pressure-balancing and anti-scald valves keep the temperature at a safe temperature for those unexpected moments.
  3. Run your vent fan. To remove the dampness after a shower or bath, run the fan for 15-20 minutes after bathing.
  4. Remove clutter, any tripping hazard. Make sure any throw rug has non-skid backing.

Call the PDM Clean Team for free bath safety advice.