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RPZ Device Backflow Testing Services.

Backflow Testing Services RPZ Backflow Preventer


It’s easy to overlook the importance of Reduced Pressure Zone RPZ valve backflow testing services. A slight calibration change can mean safe or contaminated water. Let a certified PDM plumber give you an honest appraisal of your water backflow assembly.

  • RPZ backflow preventer are required to be tested every year.
  • Licensed PDM plumbers are state certified to install and test RPZ water backflow valve.
  • Test results to be kept on-site for state inspector.
  • You’ll appreciate the quality of PDM’s work, neatness and ability to provide RPZ scheduling and services quickly and efficiently.

Call PDM backflow testing services for a free estimate to protect our water supply & meet state health codes.

QuoteYour water backflow testing service is just what I ordered. You take this important reminder off my mind. Good job." –– Jack H.


  • Like sucking a drink through a straw, contaminants can enter your drinking water line from “cross connections”.
  • A water cross connection is where a non-drinking water substance (sometimes deadly) can come in contact with drinking water.
  • Water cross connections can easily allow contaminants to enter water lines through a process known as backflow.
  • PDM annual RPZ backflow device test or backflow preventer installation protects our water supply and meet state health codes. Phone 815-726-6264 for a convenient appointment.
Backflow preventer double check valve


  • Water flowing in the opposite direction of its normal flow and caused by a drop in pressure in a water system (opening a fire hydrant?).
  • Undesirable reversal of flow of non-drinking water substance through a cross connection and into the piping of a public water system
  • Can allow bacteria, chemicals or physical contaminants to enter the water system and contaminate the water supply of not only at the contamination site but also for those who might drink water from water sources down the line from the contamination site.


  • Prevent water backflow by creating an air gap, which provides a barrier to backflow.
  • Have your water tested at least once a year because no matter how careful you are, careless neighbors, landscapers or other companies can impact your water supply.
  • For RPZ backflow inspection, repair or back flow preventer installation call a certified PDM Plumber. Call 815-726-6264.
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