Test For Radon In Your Home. Learn How You Can Test, Fix, Save A Life.

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The most common source of indoor radon is underground uranium. As uranium naturally breaks down, it releases colorless, odorless, radioactive radon gas. Radon gas enters homes through dirt floors, cracks in concrete walls and floors, floor drains, and sump pumps.

Radon causes lung cancer. EPA says 7,000 to 30,000 deaths  are caused by radon every year.

Test your home for radon. You can buy state-certified test kits or hire a licensed radon professional in Will County.

Whether it’s cleanliness, odors, humidity, fresh air or noise, your air impacts everyone. PDM’s Clean Air Team can suggest indoor air solutions. Ask your doctor if an indoor air quality treatment can improve your health. An air filtering prescription can be tax deductible and may even be covered by your health insurance.


Even if you don’t suffer from congestion, headaches, coughing, or watery eyes, you can choose to breathe cleaner air. Standard furnace filters do not work on two-thirds of contaminants. Some air filters only trap 7% of particles. Indoor air contains three types of contaminants.

  1. Particles 35%. Pollen, dust, carpet fibers, insulation, all can trigger asthma, allergies. Dust is some combination of human skin, animal fur, allergens, lint, soil, decomposing insects, food debris, lead, arsenic, and DDT according to Time Science & Space Magazine. Conventional air filters are effective at removing most of these.
  2. Gases and odors 31%. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released from construction materials, furnishings, cleaning products, paint, aerosol sprays, candles, even air fresheners!
  3. Biological mold/germ contaminants 34%. Dust mites, toxic mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and fungi live inside your home too.


A germicidal UV light penetrates 99% of mold, virus and bacteria to prevent them from reproducing. Remove food, pet and “people” odors by changing smelly VOC molecules into harmless water vapor and CO2. UV light is safely located in your furnace-ac duct system where it can give the most protection and pose zero threat to you.


Remove air-borne allergens and feel better about the air you breathe. The media air filter is part of your HVAC system and uses the circulating fan to clean the air without increasing your monthly energy bills.


A whole-house ventilation system can help you control the way your home feels— and the way it smells. Cool mornings and evening can drop indoor temperatures 5 to 10 degrees in minutes with 15 to 60 air changes per hour.


From air filtering system and whole house air purifier to air duct cleaning to proper humidification, PDM can help. For free advice and estimate contact a PDM Air Filtering Expert or call 815-726-6264. Serving Joliet SW Chicago suburbs since 1885.

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