Predictions… Are They a Gift or a Curse?

Energy saving heating maintenanceMost people, by nature, want to know what is in their future. Some predictions are wonderful to have like… “It is going to be a mild summer.” That one is awesome, so it would definitely be listed in the “gift” category.

Other predictions may make life a little difficult for someone involved in the prediction. I would imagine it is both a coaching dream and nightmare to be predicted to win a national championship. On one hand, surely it makes recruiting a breeze – who wouldn’t want to be on that team! On the other hand, I am assuming the coach would have to work very, very hard to keep the team focused on each and every game left to play. So maybe that one is a gift and a curse.

Another “gift” is knowing that this is going to be a COLD winter. Knowing it  allows you to make adjustments to your heating system so that you save money instead of spending it unnecessarily.  If you are interested in learning more about saving money on energy bills, getting a no heating breakdown guarantee a free plumbing check and more read PDM Heating check-up.