Potty talk. The mysteries of a leaking water closet.

Is your toilet leaking?

If you hear mysterious refilling sounds when you know that no one has flushed the toilet it usually indicates a leaking flush valve seal. Some refill valves operate by opening & closing rather abruptly so when a leak causes the water level to drop low enough, the valve will suddenly come on just long enough to replace the lost water. Besides being a midnight nuisance, this is a water waster.

The trickling of a babbling brook that you hear as you’re quietly meditating on the throne is another sign of a leaking flush valve seal. This too, is a water waster but these leaks can also lead to bigger problems. . .

Stalagmites growing in your toilet? As your toilet leaks, minerals in the water can settle out of the trickling water, causing the ports and jets of your toilet bowl to clog with mineral scale. Besides that, it’s just plain unsightly! If the jets clog, your toilet may not flush well. If your toilet doesn’t flush well . . . well, you know what that means.

Rockin’ on the Throne. No, we’re not talking about Elvis the King. If your toilet wobbles it can be a nuisance. A rocking toilet also means that gasses from the sewers may be entering your home. In some cases, the six legged sewer critters you love to hate can be coming through the same way. If your toilet wobbles you may have a health concern. Loose toilet seals can lead to the growth of dangerous molds that produce symptoms from asthmatic wheezing and runny noses to immune-suppression. Get it fixed now.

How to halt a flood. If your toilet begins to overflow, act fast to reduce the flooding. Make sure your emergency water shut-off works. It’s usually located below the left side of the tank as you face the toilet.

Over time, these valves can jam with mineral deposits or the sealing surfaces can deteriorate. This can lead to an inoperable valve. Discovering a faulty valve as the water spills over the sides of your toilet is not going to make you happy. Check operation at least once a year to keep the valve in operable condition. If the water shut off valve behind the toilet does not work, replace right away. A broken valve is a bummer when an emergency arises. Don’t procrastinate!

Signs that you need a new toilet:

  1. You cringe any time a guest enters the hall bathroom.
  2. You keep a plunger next to the toilet.
  3. You want to save water
  4. You issue only 5 sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit.
  5. You are a game-changer. A new toilet will bring a smile to your face. And the shiny self-closing toilet seat makes you say, ahhh.

A leaking toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day! If your potty needs help call PDM Plumbers. Ask about $25 OFF toilet repairs. PDM Plumbing has been helping SW Chicago neighbors for 128 years. Call the award winning team at PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and get back to normal fast.