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Rudy Mahalik, Jr.

Rudy Mahalik, Jr., PDM Chairman

Growing up in the last 130 years allows you to say you’ve seen and done it all.

  • You saw the Statue of Liberty came alive in New York while Chicago created the first comprehensive sewage system. (1885)
  • The first steam boilers were invented (1880’s) and the first electric fan. (1889)
  • Saw Wright brothers first flight in 1903 and the1909 Model-T Ford car.
  • 1919 brought Chicago’s first air conditioned movie house.
  • 1926 Joliet Rialto Theater cooled guests with fans that blew over ice.
  • 1920 siphoned toilet was massed produced.
  • 1930’s hot air furnace units became available and in 1937 PDM installed Joliet’s first air conditioned church.

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