15 Fun Showering Facts From Moen.

Moen & PDM Plumbing

  1. On average, a shower lasts about 13 minutes – but wish it could last five minutes longer.
  2. Americans take approximately 6.7 showers per week
  3. Males take showers more frequently than females (7 times per week vs. 6.4, respectively). Fifty-eight percent of Americans shower in the morning.
  4. Fifty-eight percent of Americans shower in the morning.
  5. On average, consumers wash their hair 5.7 times per week.
  6. Sixty-seven percent spend their time in the shower daydreaming on topics like family and relationships, as well as thinking about work and household chores.
  7. Sixty-three percent sing in the shower because they feel happy, relaxed and know that no one can hear them.
  8. Women are 16 percent more inclined to spend time mulling over family issues and chores than men.
  9. Seventy-three percent of U.S. consumers share their shower with someone.
  10. More dry off outside the shower rather than inside.
  11. Forty-five percent of women biggest pet peeve is that the man never cleans the shower.
  12. Forty-eight percent of homeowners wish they could make their shower larger.
  13. Almost half  have a wall-mounted, standard-sized showerhead; but the most preferred is a wall-mounted rainshower.
  14. Sixty-two percent of people prefer a hot shower.
  15. Thirty-seven percent want to conserve water, but don’t want to sacrifice shower performance.

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