PDM’s Health & Safety Maintenance Plan


  • Reset (1) furnace and (1) central air conditioning to factory specs for safe, efficient operation, avoid unexpected breakdowns, keep manufacturers warranty in force and extend equipment life
  • Free whole home humidifier health check-up
  • Free visual duct work inspection to ensure good indoor air quality
  • Free home plumbing inspection to reduce flooding & mold risk
  • Free seasonal reminder makes your precision tune-ups convenient
  • Automatic renewal and transferable, helps improve property value
  • Emergency response is overrated compared to emergency avoidance. PDM’s Health & Safety Maintenance Plan is your best return on your investment
  • Get $387 worth of services for $229

Your furnace and A/C can start up to 70 times a day to keep you comfortable.

  • Just after one season of hard work, your furnace & ac gets grimy and electrical components are stressed.
  • A dirty air filter can reduce airflow 60%, increase operating costs and needlessly stress your system.
  • And if it’s been years since your last check-up, you can be sure the accumulated dirt and neglect are impairing your unit’s efficiency and putting you at risk of an uncomfortable breakdown. And when does an HVAC unit break down? Invariably on the worst day of the year.

Order a complete health and safety HVAC check-up today. Call 815-726-6264.


Business Preventive Maintenance (PM) Makes Dollars And Sense. Call for free estimate – 815-726-6264.

Research at the Federal Energy Management Program shows regular maintenance can:

  • Reduce energy use up to 30%
  • Reduce downtime by 35-40%
  • Cut breakdowns by 70-75%
  • Reduce repairs costs by 5-20%

3 Keys to an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Set-Up Your Benchmarks With Initial Review & Inspection
  • Set-up a Program to Track Key Inspection Schedules
  • Secure Your Employees Buy-In & Participation
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