Prevent Plumbing Hot Water Scalding

2,000 kids experience scalding burns every year.2,000 kids experience scalding burns every year.

A sudden burst of hot water can cause serious burns, especially on the delicate skin of the young, or startle someone in the shower who slips and falls, many times the elderly or physically challenged. Hot water scalding causes over 100,000 emergency room visits a year.

If you think you can simply turn your water heater temperature lower, think again. Lowering¬† water temperature below 120 degrees F can allow bacteria to grow in the tank, including Legionnaires’ disease.

To lower hot water temperatures safely instal an anti-scald valve on your water heater or a fixture. A whole house anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve is a smart decision for all homes. It’s primary purpose is to avoid annoying water temperature swings and prevent unsafe hazards including broken bones from a fall, scalding 2nd degree burns, even heart attacks! You will help balance your water pressure so the temperature varies a little, not a lot. Anti-scald valve can reduce the shock you feel when taking a shower and a toilet is flushed.

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