Have You Ever Experienced Hot Water Scalding?

I got bit reaching into a hot oven. The tingling, penetrating heat grabs your attention. And the loss of fluid from damaged blood vessels brings swelling and blistering. Hot water scalding is just as bad.

Dr. Oz recommends:

First-degree burn:

  • Do run cold water over the burn for 10 minutes. Do apply aloe vera.
  • Don’t apply ice. This could cause more trauma.

Second-degree burn:

  • Do wash with gentle soap and water.
  • Don’t apply butter.

Third-degree burn:

  • Do call 911. Do apply a cool moist cloth to the burn. Do monitor your pulse.
  • Don’t use home remedies. Don’t remove clothes stuck to burn; this could cause further trauma.

Hot water scalding can burn you at 105F degrees. Boiling is 212F.

What burn remedies have you found to work? Learn more about kitchen safety from Home Safety Council.

Sometimes you get burned from not paying attention. Other times from some form of war including getting emotionally burned by other people’s actions or non actions.

Anti-scald plumbing devices can prevent burns for older and younger people. Anti-scald hot water safety devices reduce the water flow to a trickle if it exceeds 120 F. Install on a single faucet or the entire home.

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