"Honey, Why Did I Have To Wash My Hair Twice?"


A True Vacation Story From PDM Plumber Chris Spotofora.

Recently we drove to Appleton, Wisconsin to visit an old friend and her beautiful new home. The next morning Keri, my wife, stepped into a shiny ceramic shower with glass doors. Keri washed her hair once and felt like it wasn’t quite clean so she added more shampoo and washed a second time. She came out of the bathroom and told me about the bad shampoo and how she had to use twice the amount to get her hair feeling cleaner.

Somehow, the soap, shampoo and conditioner didn’t seem to work as it did at home. Then it hit us. Maybe Beth doesn’t have a water softener? Sure enough, a quick check of the basement showed no softener.

At breakfast we told Beth how much easier her life will be with a water softener. Her skin and hair will be smoother and softer after a shower or bath because soap lathers and rinses easier.

At home, we find that our softener allows us to use 1/3 less detergent and better yet, our clothes are brighter and whiter. Keri mentioned that having a softener is like having a Scrubbing Helper – no more unsightly rings, stains or mineral build-up to darken your sinks, tile, shower doors or your day.

I told Beth that hard water allows mineral build-up in water appliances and pipes. A softener keeps the pipes open and free flowing and increases appliance life like hot water heaters, dishwashers and wash machines. And the bonus is that a softener works with well or city water.

What is hard water?

Although hard water is generally not harmful, it contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium— dissolved from the soil by rainwater. Calcium causes most of the visible water problems you see on sinks, tubs and glasses. You know, the ring around the tub, spots and streaks on shower doors and glassware.

The severity of water hardness is measured by mineral grains per gallon (GPG). Rain water is naturally soft or 0 grains. Anything over 3.5 GPG is considered hard.

I told Beth that a water softener collects hardness minerals within its conditioning tank and from time to time flushes them down the drain. The result is her new home will look better and cleaner with less work on her part. Not to mention that she won’t have to wash her hair multiple times to make it manageable.

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