Garbage Disposal Repair

Disposal repair

Garbage Disposal not working, jammed, clogged.

  1. Reset. Check to see if red reset button is popped on the bottom of the disposal. The rest button is a safety overload protection that shuts the unit off if jammed, or other problems. Turn the disposal electric switch off. Press the red reset button gently. If it does not stay up, wait ten minutes and try again. Try again a few times. If it won’t stay you may need to call for service.
  2. Drain or Remove any water in the sink.
  3. Check to see if unit is jammed. Turn unit off or unplug. Use service wrench to see if blade will move. Inset in bottom of disposal. Or an allen wrench can work. Lastly a wooden spoon or broom handle may help move to move grinder blade. The goal is to have it turn freely in complete circles in both directions
  4. Check your electric breaker to ensure power is on.

Garbage Disposal makes loud noise.

  1. Check inside the disposer’s grinding chamber. Look down into the disposer using a flashlight.
  2. Do not place your hand into the disposer. Pay special attention to the area around the outer edge of the disposer’s shredding disk where you see the little teeth. If you see anything in the disposer, remove it using tongs or pliers.
  3. Use the disposal service wrench tool or allen wrench on the bottom of the disposal to unjam the grinder. Using extra force should be ok if jam is tough.
  4. Tuen water on and check operation.

Garbage Disposal waste remains.

  1. Learn what not to put in the disposal. Some food waste can take a long time to dispose of. Fibrous items may roll around in the grinding chamber rather than shredding. Try adding a few bones (not chicken bones) or fruit pits to the disposal. If you encounter an item that won’t grind up, turn off the disposer and remove the item using tongs or pliers.
  2. Use service wrench or allen wrench to move the grinder. If it won’t turn freely it’s jammed.

Garbage Disposal free stuck impeller.

  1. To check if the impellers move freely, look down into the disposer using a flashlight. (Before looking down the disposer, make sure the power to the disposer is turned off.) See two metal objects on the bottom? They should be across from each other, half way between the walls of the disposer and the center of the rotating disk.
  2. Use a spoon handle to push on each of these impellers. They should move around very easily.
  3. If not moving freely try adding a few bones (not chicken bones) or fruit pits to the disposal.
  4. Sometimes this procedure reveals a coin or screw, something stuck in the disposer. If you see something make sure the disposer is off and remove the object using tongs and pliers.
  5. If the impellers are still not moving freely, you should repeat the process once or twice more.
  6. If three attempts fails, your disposer may require service.

Garbage Disposal odors.

  1. Place stopper in sink opening and fill sink halfway with warm water.
  2. Mix a one pound box of baking soda with water.
  3. Turn disposer on and remove stopper from sink at same time to wash away loose particles.
  4. Another option is to cut up citrus fruit and grind. Ice helps too.

Call PDM Plumbing for help.