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If you find yourself wondering what to do with a huffing and puffing furnace, straining to heat your place, let the Nice Guys at PDM find your heating problem.

You’ll get somewhat of a clean freak to evaluate your dirty, cranky furnace, top-to-bottom. You’ll learn what needs maintaining, what needs fixing, what can wait and a price so you can make an educated decision on your next step.

Safety means someone has your back.

Naturally PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling specialists are on-call for emergency heating repair during chilly winter days. Polite, award winning HVAC repair specialist will be happy to help anytime. Whatever heating comfort means to you, PDM will help you find it. Call 815-726-6264 for quality home and commercial heating repair in Joliet and SW Chicago Suburbs since 1885.


Trusted Heating Repair Since 1885

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Grimy, dirty, hidden, faulty parts? The Nice Guys at PDM take pride in their skills and stand by their repair work! Always courteous and thorough. We care and truly want to solve your furnace repair problem fair and square.

Neat. Believing it’s important to be clean and respectful in someone else’s home or business is job one. The PDM Clean Team won’t cut corners on repairs or job safety. Your tech wears shoe covers, protects your floors and won’t leave a mess!

Don’t call just anybody. Know who is coming over. We email or text a photo and short bio of your technician before they ever step foot on your property. Your award winning PDM craftsmen are licensed, insured, background checked and random drug testing for your protection.

Like a soothing song or a tasty tune, PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is like music to your heating system. Call for fine tuning and a comforting warm melody.

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Why? Manufacturers Require Annual Maintenance.

Heating maintenanceYep, that’s right. Manufacturers know your furnace can degrade up to 3% per year. When it starts to degrade, your system will work harder to produce the same result and parts breakdown more often because of stresses.

The #1 reason for heating system failure and wasted energy is dirt. The truth is your furnace is a dirt collector. Real dirt you can see and some things you cannot see, but that you definitely need to know about..

Plus, your furnace forms rust over time, fittings get loose and electrical components weaken after starting thousands of times. Dirt compromises how well your system can perform. In fact, 80% of all HVAC repairs could have been prevented with routine maintenance. That’s why manufacturers can void your warranty. Learn more of PDM’s Annual Health & Safety Maintenance Plan.

Extend your furnace monitoring and shine a light on dirty threats.

A neat, knowledgeable PDM heating tech will adjust, calibrate and reset the finer points to factory specs. Annual maintenance helps to lower energy bills, avoid late night breakdowns, extend life and keep your furnace warranty activeSimple maintenance saves costly furnace repair/replacement.


PDM’s long history of public service began when the Statue of Liberty arrived in 1885. Since then PDM has won numerous awards from diverse groups. Recently PDM won three Herald News Will County Readers’ Choice Awards.


A dirty furnace air filter can reduce airflow 60%, stress equipment, increase utility bills and cause costly breakdowns. Improve indoor air quality video.


‘With the temperatures hovering around 0 degrees I was having trouble with a furnace that was … serviced by another contractor. That contractor indicated that the only solution to the problem was to purchase a new furnace… PDM provided a solution to remediate the problem WITHOUT the cost of a new furnace. Turns out the folks at PDM gave me great advice and were able to recommend a same-day fix that SAVED ME thousands of dollars.” – Rob N.

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