Fresh shape, efficient toilet flush.

New toilet

Seeing is believing. A new toilet makes a noticeable difference.

Organic shape meets one piece toilet function.

“One-piece toilets offer a number of advantages, including a seamless design, easy cleaning and the ability to fit easily into small bathroom spaces,” says Brian Hedlund, Kohler senior product manager for toilets and bidets. “The Adair toilet mirrors these qualities and is priced right for consumers wanting the perceived sophisticated look of a one-piece toilet. ”

The petite slender shape is perfect for compact bathrooms, and the 1.28-gallon flush adds up to annual water savings. The Adair toilet is available as an elongated toilet, in either regular height or Comfort Height® versions.

Add value where it counts. Try the Kohler Adair Toilet or any new strong flushing toilet.

Call a PDM Plumber to install a new toilet in your home. You’ll love the change.