What To Know About Costly Air Conditioning Freon Leakage & Ozone.

freon-r22Mother Earth. In 1990 Title VI of the Clean Air Act made it law to stop producing the ozone depleting refrigerant R-22.

Because the greenhouse gas R-22 contributes to global warming, the EPA established the phaseout of freon. For those with a central air conditioning system built before 2010, you will feel the ever-increasing cost of a refrigerant leak. Next year the amount of R-22 manufactured will be cut by 90 percent from the baseline year of 1995. That means you will pay top dollar for freon service. By 2020 freon production will be stopped.

If you want to keep your A/C for a few more years, paying attention to your A/C system is your best insurance. Annual A/C tune-up lowers the risk of refrigerant leakage. To avoid costly problems keep the outdoor condensing coil and the indoor evaporator coil clean.  That will minimizes the chances a freon leak.

Getting time to upgrade? Is your A/C around 10 years old? Are electric bills and repair costs adding up? Consider the value of replacing the entire system during the R-22 refrigerant phaseout. Think about the lifetime cost of the old vs. a new 410A A/C system. New systems can be really comforting, safer and more energy efficient.

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