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But did you know that you can save countless gallons of water every year by installing new water-wise faucets?


A new toilet is different. The look, the flush, the feel, especially smart toilet seats. Plus you can save the average family of four up to 16,000 gallons of water according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Learn of water-saving toilets.

PDM Plumbing offers free advice. 

Advice For Choosing New Plumbing Fixtures

Consider The Surrounding Space

Think about where it will “live” and integrate it with it’s environment. An ultramodern bath faucet might be cool, but does it fit with the traditional classic cabinets & lighting?

Consider New Technology

Thermostatic temperature controls to protect against scalding, sensors that activate water flow, shower spray heads that feel like a summer rain—we’ll help with the myriad of choices!

Consider “Going Green”

Water-wise fixtures like low flow kitchens faucets, and smaller tubs help conserve water. Instead of wasting all of those plastic water bottles, why not install a water filter system?

“Thank you for sending your man to work on our lower level bathroom and kitchen area. He is a true craftsman in addition to being very neat and clean.” – Jack & Jo Ann M. – Joliet

Joliet plumbing fixture repair or replace

A Statement Piece For Your Bathroom

Just as the right necklace can transform your look, the right faucet can change the look of your bathroom.

See the story behind the story – as two jewelry designers turned inspiration from Moen faucets into works of art.

No matter if it is a sexy new faucet, updated sink or tub, or an entirely new look, PDM can help you to update your bathroom or kitchen project. PDM’s one-stop shop can improve your hardest-working rooms.

Contact PDM Plumbers for free plumbing fixture advice. 

Fixtures From PDM Plumbing Since 1885

  • New sinks

  • New toilets

  • New faucets

  • Water filtration systems

  • Whirlpool tubs

  • Double sinks and vanities

  • Double shower heads

  • Heated towel racks

  • Handicap accessibility

  • Walk-in tub-shower/roll-in shower

  • Comfort height toilet


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