AC Open

Your A/C freezing up on a hot day seems crazy. Freezing up generally has to do with blocked or low air flow, over-use, broken parts, no maintenance, or refrigerant problems. Chances are ice forms around the inside evaporator coil preventing the a/c system from working.

  • DO THIS NOW. Turn the thermostat AC/COOL system OFF and turn the FAN ON to help defrost the unit. This helps to unfreeze the coil and prevent damage to the expensive compressor.
  • Check furnace air filter. Does it look like a gray furry cat? You may find the problem is simply due to a dirty filter which can block over 60 percent of the air flow.
  • Next make sure your duct air registers and return line are open and not blocked by drapes or furniture.
  • If the problem continues call PDM Cooling before this sticky situation becomes worse. And if you haven’t had air conditioning maintenance it’s time to act. You’ll feel better.