Who Should You Trust to Check Your Home Vital Systems?

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If you’re like most folks, your home is your most valuable financial asset. The plumbing, heating & cooling systems that run your home represent a big part of your investment, of course. So you’ll only want reputable, qualified and competent contractors to take care of them for you.

When you need plumbing, heating, cooling repair service done, many of you ask family, friends and neighbors for names of companies, and that’s a great way to check for a sound reputation. You can also take a close look at the testimonials from satisfied customers. Get a sense of how the company presents itself on the Web and in other advertising.

Your trust should grow the more you know. But when there’s something in the back of your mind that says you’re not sure about what you’re hearing, stop and reassess. For example, the Federal Trade Commission says tip-offs to rip-offs from a less-than-reputable mechanical contractor could include any of the following: solicits door-to-door; only accepts cash payments; does not list a business number in the local telephone directory; pressures you for an immediate decision; and asks you to pay for the entire job up front.

If you’re tired of people touting services that are too good to be true, you’re not alone.

That’s why for our customers we keep it plain and simple: 24 hour service; 10 year system warranties; hassle-free Maintenance Agreement Plans; “Fixed Right” guarantee; energy savings; on-time service and up-front pricing.

If you want your air conditioning, furnace and plumbing systems to stay reliable all year long, doesn’t it make sense to call a reliable company for your maintenance?

We’d be honored to have you trust your system to us. Let us hear from you.

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