Sump Pump Helps Avoid Flooding.

Pump Sump
Industrial grade sump pump

A sump pump can stop periodic basement flooding and even prevent the spread of mold.

PDM can offer you dependable industrial grade sump pumps for your home or business. We specialize in sump pump repair, replacement and new installation for 100 years. We’ve seen and done it all.

If you’re sump pump takes care of basement water most of the time but floods during heavy rains, you may either need a back-up pump or have a problem with drain-tiles. Click to learn about drain-tiles.

Sump pump replacement

  • PDM powerful sump pumps replacement without piping changes.
  • Your sump pump is water and dust tight for long life
  • 100% factory tested underwater.
  • Solid warranty for submersible and vertical sump pump
  • You’ll also have the confidence of knowing it was installed properly by an experienced professional.

New sump pump installation If you’re tired of mopping up after a rain storm, let the oldest plumber help. Water generally seeps into the basement because water pressure was building up around your foundation. Water naturally seeks the path of least resistance and enters through cracks in your walls or floors. The result…a wet basement. If it stays wet you may see unhealthy black mold growing.

We collect water seeping in the walls or under the basement floor through a series of pipes that empty into a sump pit. The sump pit is placed at the lowest point in the basement. A sump pump then expels the water and keeps your basement dry.Installing a new pit and pump will take us most of a day, but you’ll love the results. Call PDM for help.

Sump pump basin

  • Break out a 4′ x 4′ area of your floor with a jackhammer
  • Dig down about 30 inches, install a plastic pit liner
  • Surround with coarse gravel to help move water out.
  • Connect drain line to existing indoor line up to 20’
  • Upper half of the pit liner is perforated to allow water to seep in and collect at the bottom.
  • A float-activated submersible pump at the bottom of the sump pit automatically pumps out the water when it reaches a preset level.
  • To finish the job, we pour a new concrete floor around the sump pit to match the original floor. A clean, neat, professional job. Call PDM today.
  • For backup protection, we recommend a battery operated backup pump. It will switch automatically to battery current when power fails or your main pump fails or requires more pumping power.

100 years experience counts! Call a trusted sump pump expert.

You’ll receive courteous, trained technicians, quality products, pricing before work begins, “100% satisfaction guarantee” and a proven track record. You won’t go wrong, guaranteed. Call PDM pump specialists for free consultation.