Clean Air and Energy Efficiency: Making the Connection

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Saving on energy pays off – especially when you’re talking about keeping your home comfortable. Cooling and heating, after all, accounts for about 56% of the energy used in a typical U.S. home. Therefore, savings in this area can have a significant impact on your household’s monthly budget.

An energy efficient system is your starting point. For example, air conditioning and heating systems that have earned the ENERGY STAR® designation help you reduce high energy bills and improve your comfort while protecting the environment.

An airtight home helps too by keeping conditioned air inside your home – and, in warm months, keeping the hot air out.

But what about when saving on energy comes with a price? Airtight homes seal in the air, yes – but they can also seal in pet dander, toxins from household cleansers, cooking smoke, and on and on. An energy efficient home with poor indoor air quality is not a desirable result.

To improve your indoor air quality, you can control or eliminate the sources of your pollutants, as well as ventilate as weather conditions permit. You can also use an “air cleaning device.” There are different types of air cleaners, including those that remove particles through mechanical air filters or electronic air filters.

Now – to connect the dots between energy efficiency and clean air – your best bet is an energy efficient home comfort system with a built-in air cleaner.

Want to learn more about how to cool your home and save between 14-22% on energy right away – with the added bonus of a built-in air cleaner that filters up to 99% of airborne contaminants? Get a free energy saving review and find out how it works.

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