8 Clogged Dryer Vent Warning Signs.

Dryer Vent
  1. Does your dryer take longer to dry, even a 2nd cycle?
  2. Do clothes come out of the dryer very hot?
  3. Are you finding very little lint on your lint screen?
  4. Does your dryer stop during a cycle?
  5. Do your clothes have a moldy smell?
  6. Is your dryer hot to the touch while running?
  7. Do you find lint on your clothing?
  8. Do you have a plastic exhaust duct from your dryer to the wall? Upgrade to a metal exhaust duct to prevent fires.

Clogged or poorly vented dryers can cause fire hazards and even carbon monoxide poisoning.  PDM can ensure that your dryer is properly vented and free from lint, as well as possible nests of mice or birds. 90% of all appliance fires are dryer related. As many as 15,000 fires are dryer vent related.

When lint accumulates in an exhaust duct, it reduces the dryer’s ability to expel heated water vapor causing heat energy to build up within the machine. As the dryer overheats, mechanical failures can trigger sparks, which can cause lint trapped in the dryer vent to burst into flames. Fires generally originate within the dryer but spread by escaping through the ventilation duct, incinerating trapped lint, and following its path into the building wall.

Clogged clothes dryer vents increases drying costs and shortens the life of your dryer. Learn the true condition of your dryer vent. Call PDM for Help.

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