Energy saving ideas: Three easy ways businesses can cut electric bills this summer.

Stay cool during this muggy summertime with these three tips to cut electric bills this hot summer.

  1. Thermostats control about 50% of your utility bill! If you have a programmable thermostat raise the temperature 7-10 degrees for 10 hours when you are away. A simple approach for real savings. US Department of Energy recommends setting thermostat at 85 degrees during 10 hours when your business is closed to reduce your operating costs as much as 10% a year. And if you’d like a smart thermostat that you can control for your phone or computer, let PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885 know for a free consultation.
  2. Use equipment power settings: Be practical. Computer and other electrical devices that are not in use shouldn’t be pulling energy and costing you money. Check the energy management settings on your office equipment. Are they set to maximize your energy savings potential?
  3. Weatherize your business: Cool air leaks out as much as winter hot air leaks. Check window caulking, doors, foundations, anywhere cracks are found. By sealing your building you reduce cool air loss meaning your ac system does not have to run as much.

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