Educating & Informing

Quality Joliet Plumbing & HVAC Contractor Trusted Since 1885How PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Can Help

Ultimately to offer rock solid plumbing, furnace & air conditioning advice on what needs maintaining, fixing or replacing & what can wait. We’re here to help you make a decision and won’t cut corners when it comes to improving your comfort and well-being.

What we’re doing to your comfort system.

After learning what your HVAC system’s “ailment” is, we’ll go to work using our measuring, metering or adjustment tools. (You’re welcome to watch.) Your system is, well, a system of interdependent parts. If one breaks or underperforms, your entire system suffers … right along with your comfort. We’re here to advise and get you back to normal!

How we charge.

HVAC Tune-ups and maintenance are generally a set fee. For most repairs, you won’t “guess” what your comfort will cost with us. You either approve or decline before work begins. (Of course, if you decline, charges to determine the problem may apply.) Replacement or new systems are also figured using industry pricing guidelines.

Avoid unnecessary HVAC and plumbing service calls.

Don’t get us wrong … we want to hear from you! But if we can save you from an unnecessary call (and the fee that goes with it), that’s good for us both.

What we expect

We want to learn what you need, want, feel. Whether you like our ideas & work or not. And if we mess up – and sometimes that happens – we want to make it right for you, so please let us know. We’ll return for free within one year of service.  We can’t fix it if we don’t know. Your trust is too valuable to leave to chance. And most of all,  Thank you!

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