Misery is your drain flowing in the wrong direction.

Clogged Toilet Drain, Sewer CleaningBlocked arteries? No. 1 killer in America, affecting more than 13 million Americans is coronary artery disease. Heart disease is a result of plaque buildup in your arteries, which blocks blood flow and heightens the risk for heart attack and stroke.

 PDM takes cares of your home’s arteries.

The arteries of your drain system build up debris over time. Don’t wait until an emergency blockage gives you a heart attack.

To get a drain cleaning job done properly you need the right tools and someone who knows how to use them. PDM licensed plumbers have a wealth of experience and the right sewer cleaning equipment.

Order preventative drain care today and feel better tomorrow. PDM will go the extra mile for you including sanitizing your drain and cleaning up. Call the PDM Drain Experts for fast, neat service. 24/7 emergency help. Ask about our $75 no mess guarantee.

Today’s tip: Try a homemade drain cleaner recipe for a slow drain.