Order A Furnace Health & Safety Check-Up.

Joliet Furnace Maintenance & Repair ExpertAfter turning on and off thousands of times a year, your furnace system becomes stressed, dirty & creates a breeding ground for a hodgepodge of contaminants. Our Ultimate Health & Safety Check-up gives you:

  1. PDM tech will reset your furnace to factory specs to ensure safe operation, lower utilities, extend equipment life, and keep warranty in force. Watch video.
  2. Repair-free guarantee. If you need repairs this season, we’ll credit your tune-up cost toward any repair.
  3. Indoor air review of your air duct, note visible contamination.
  4. Free sump pump check. Be prepared for the next storm.
  5. Ultimate Furnace Tune-up. Get $253 of value for $109.
  6. Call for steam and water boiler special offer.

Let us check for small problems BEFORE they become BIG ones. Order peace of mind.
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