Do you have safety worries about your parents?

Bathroom safetyTaking care of your parents.

Ninety five percent of people over 75 want to live in their home forever. But for you it’s a real concern. The little things of vision, hearing, mobility issues, and the list of safety concerns goes on.

How would you describe their bathroom?

One out of three people over 65 will fall this year… 3 out of 4 falls happen in the bathroom.

  1. Do they have secure grab bars at the toilet, tub-shower?
  2. Can they slip on rug in the bathroom?
  3. Will a higher toilet help them get on-off safely?
  4. Is hot water scalding possible because they are not being mindful?
  5. Is the bathroom space too cramped?

Are you wondering about safety gadgets?

  1. Big button phone numbers for easier dialing?
  2. Floor cleaning robots for less housework?
  3. Automatic medication dispenser to avoid a mix-up?
  4. Will they fall and not be able to get up? Personal emergency response bracelet can help.
  5. Hard of hearing? Will a doorbell-telephone flashing signal help?
  6. Monitor services from video to sensors, to using their tv to monitor even send two way messages?
  7. Learn more about safety gadgets

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