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Finding a service company is easy. Finding someone you trust is not. These clients tried a company with a 131 year track record.

I’ve been dealing with PDM for approximately 6 years. The company offers a high quality product & service for reasonable price. When making an initial contact the office is highly professional and extremely courteous. Service technicians are extremely knowledgeable, helpful & well qualified to meet the task at hand. PDM and all employees kudos.
Joe S.
Required a new sump pump. The appt. by PDM was kept on the scheduled time and the pump replaced. Tech was friendly and courteous and left the area very clean when the job was completed. I have used PDM before with the same results. Would use again if the need arose. Have recommended PDM to my neighbor and they were pleased with the results also.
Bill U.
Dear Rudy, We really appreciated how your company responded to our son-in-law’s call when our sump pump failed in April. He said you were very prompt to change out the pump and get our basement dried. He was impressed by your professionalism and expertise. Thank you
Anthony cleaned our ductwork this week. I was apprehensive about the process since we just completed a remodeling project and everything was back to normal. He was so efficient and neat that there was nothing to worry about. No mess and cleaner air! Don’t hesitate to contact PDM for this service.
Sue T
Was satisfied with your service, called the day we had the last big rain storm. Someone was here that afternoon and took care of our problem. I thought the replacement was a little high, but I was glad that it was taken care of that day.
My daughter and I are very pleased with the work you did for us. I will continue to highly recommend you to all my co-workers and friends.
Marge N
When I answered the door I met your repairman Brian. Although his shirt identified him he cheerfully introduced himself and informed me he was here to check my sump pump. Being a utility company manager for many years his approach is the kind most of us appreciate. We went to the basement where he quickly made a few preliminary checks and suggested that based on age, we replace the pump. I agreed and signed the contract he presented. You then proceeded with his work in a proficient skillful manner. The work area was kept clean and orderly so were his equipment. Perhaps I’m getting fussier in my later years but these things tell me about the quality of the work I will receive. He is a credit to PDM. By the way my association with PDM goes back to 1946 with Frank Poehner. Thanks for good service.
William B.
We are ssosososososo very cold this a.m. thanks to your people – your company has such great people working for you – starting with Brandy (who is always there for us) then Matt (who was a good technician/salesman without being pushy) and our life savers Tim (who was such a polite/go-getter (he became familiar with our stairs) – (he really wants to learn this trade) and Dan – what can be said – he is great – he knows all (taught us about our unit and more) – and had us with A/C like Brandy said by this night (afternoon). These two men worked on one of the hottest days we have had and poured (I mean poured sweat) – never stopping all day and gave us air by the afternoon!!!!! Thanks PDM Very Much!!!
Bob & Dot
Called PDM, they sent a serviceman out within 2 hours and he was done within 1 and 1/2 hours. As he worked he explained every repair to me. Fortunately, because we had purchased our furnace through PDM, they knew the history of it and the service person was able to determine it was still under warranty, covering a majority of the cost! Using PDM for all our plumbing, heating and cooling needs has really paid off because they know our house mechanics just like your doctor knows your medical background, which makes the diagnosis a bit easier and less expensive every time. We have used PDM for our plumbing heating and air conditioning for many years. They installed a new sewer line in our home when our old line was infiltrated with tree roots. We also had a new furnace and air conditioning system installed as well as annual clean and checks for the system. We have trusted PDM because they have been around since the late 1800’s and any company that lasts that long is doing something incredibly right! We especially like the guarantee that comes with every job. All the personnel from the office staff to the technicians that we deal with are professional and courteous. We feel so good about their service that we recommend them to other friends.
Jane H
..With the temperatures hovering around 0 degrees) I was having trouble with a furnace that was installed and historically serviced by another contractor. That contractor indicated that the only solution to the problem was to purchase a new furnace. I called Rudy and the folks at PDM and they provided a solution to remediate the problem WITHOUT the cost of a new furnace. Turns out the folks at PDM gave me great advice and were able to recommend a same-day fix that SAVED ME thousands of dollars. Whenever my furnace or mechanical systems are at stake I will definitely call PDM!
Rob N
I would just like to say that I have had Chris service my heating and air conditioning units for several years. Chris and Don were the men that installed both units. I can’t say enough about Chris. He is polite, honest, and really cares about his work. Besides knowing his product inside and out, I have no doubt that the job is done properly. I always ask for Chris because I have confidence that whatever needs to be done, will be done right. Everything is neat and clean when Chris is finished, He is truly a fine young man and an asset to your company.
Patricia A.M.
I am extremely pleased with this company. I was frantic when I saw water coming from the kitchen ceiling. I called my father and told him about the situation. I was far too upset to try to call a plumber; therefore I asked my dad to do so…My father tried calling a couple of places and got the “Leave a message and we’ll get back with you” recording. It was very different with PDM. He was able to not only talk with someone but was told that they would try to have a person come out within about an hour. He gave my name and number to Brandy. She called to let me know that a technician was being sent.Thank you!
Nancy L.W.
I want to compliment Dan, the plumber that replaced my water heater and moved the water softener for my new floor Mon. and Tues. of this week. He did beautiful work and was very prompt completing the job. He was friendly and polite. Thank you for the great service. I will definitely use your company in the future.
Marge Senne
PDM did a great job, complete. Showed up on time, pleasant gentleman, good attitude, good equipment. Tried clearing blockage in two places; a clean out in supply room, did not work, 2nd clean out would not open (also on sales floor and 130 feet from toilet) so he pulled toilet and went 90 some feet and finally went out.Cleaned up after he was done, made sure no leaks. Good job tech… Good people. Thanks for the quick service.
J.C. Penny Store
My furnace was not auto-lighting, therefore not heating the house. I called PDM and they responded within a few hours. After diagnosing the problem, the technician was able to answer all of my questions and he explained in detail what my options were for repair. My furnace (at 22 years old) was in need of a major overhaul. I chose to have a completely new system installed. I am very happy with the results. PDM’s technicians are very skilled and professional and the job was completed at a very reasonable cost.
Kurt C.
To Whom It May Concern: It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for PDM Plumbing, Heating and Cooling located on Ruby Street in Joliet. I have known the owner Rudy Mahalik personally and professionally for more than 35 years and feel very qualified to speak about Rudy and PDM. Rudy is keenly aware of the operation of schools and the limited financial resources that we as school administrators have available to us. He has garnered this knowledge as a professor at Lewis University; from his wife who teaches in a local school district, and through his son who is a CSBO currently working for the Will County Regional Office of Education.PDM is the only HVAC contractor that I trust with my own plumbing and heating needs at home. As the former superintendent of Channahon School District 17, now retired, PDM worked for our district for many, many years. When I served as interim business manager at Fairmont School District and bid the remodeling of several bathrooms, PDM was the lowest bidder and provided the district with quality workmanship and completed the job earlier than anticipated. I received many compliments from grateful parents of Fairmont School for the work that was done by PDM. I currently serve as part-time business manager at Union School District and have done so for a number of years. When Union School District decided to replace its antiquated boiler system for individual rooftop units for each classroom, PDM was the lowest bidder. PDM provided the district with quality workmanship and on-time completion of the project. PDM continues to be the HVAC contractor that we use at Union School.The people who work for PDM are highly skilled individuals and are very professional dealing with people. The technicians are neat in their appearance and are easily identified by the uniforms they wear. Where ever they work in the building, when they leave that area it is left in a clean condition.The individuals that Rudy hires to work for PDM reflect Rudy’s own values. These individuals are above reproach. These technicians have had a lot of experience working in schools and they know and fully comply with the safety procedures used in schools. When you employ PDM, you can be assured that you will get the finest quality work at a most competitive price. It is without reservation that I recommend and endorse PDM Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.
Richard Dombrowski, Interim Business Manager
Union School District 81
To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to write this letter of endorsement for PDM Plumbing, Heating and Cooling here in Joliet. I understand that PDM has a long history with the Laraway School District; well more than thirty years. I have served as Superintendent at Laraway for the past four years, so I can speak from the perspective of my brief tenure that PDM is a very competent and trustworthy organization with whom to work. Laraway is a small enough school district that the Director of Buildings and Grounds discusses with me nearly all of the plumbing and HVAC projects, so I am keenly aware of the work that needs to get done, the costs, the contractor response time and the quality of their workmanship. Often, I make it a priority to stop by the site of the work and interact with the technician. Without exception we have been well satisfied with our relationship with PDM. They respond to our calls in a timely manner, their cost estimates are competitive and on target and the quality of their work is excellent. As a school, one of the factors that is important to us is the caliber of technicians the contractors dispatch to our site to perform the work. We have never had a problem with PDM technicians. They wear a company uniform, they are fully cooperative in complying with our ID and sign in procedures and they are professional in their interaction with our students and staff. It has been clear that PDM technicians have been carefully screened so that no one of questionable background is hired, which may run the risk of tarnishing PDM’s fine reputation.It is without reservation, that I endorse PDM. They are worthy of your most serious consideration. The Chairman of PDM, Rudy Mahalik, is of high character and he is a man of his word. Should you ever have a question or concern, contact Rudy. His family has over 129 years invested in this company, and the Joliet community, so he has too much at stake to be anything other than fair and honest.
Gary Bradbury, Superintendent
Laraway School District 70-C
I have been employed as Director of Facilities Management for Lockport Township High School District 205 for the past nine years. I have worked in building maintenance for the past 25 years. During all these years I have never been compelled to write a letter to a company exhorting their high level of professionalism. Right from the start of the bidding process, I could see a difference in the way PDM approached the job compared to most other companies. You spent a lot of time on site during the bidding process and because you did your homework before the bid, you were able to provide superior service at the lowest cost. Service is really where PDM separates themselves from other contractors I have worked with over the past 25 years. Your plumbers were very knowledgeable and helpful. They kept us informed of their progress during the whole project and they maintained a very clean and organized work site. I can’t say enough positive things about Dan (Kramerich), your lead plumber; I could easily tell he was very smart and had the school’s best interest at heart during the entire project. He obvious works for a company that promotes excellence, and he and all your employees were wonderful to work with. In fact I do not think I can remember a time when I had zero items on my punch list. I just wanted to send you this quick note to let you know that I think your company and employees are top notch and I will certainly send you a bid package for any projects we may have in the future. Thanks again for making this project a complete success.
William Thompson, Director of Facilities Management
Lockport Township High School District 205
They averted my crisis The people over at PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling really saved me from a complete and total disaster. My septic tank was giving me some serious problems and I was afraid that those problems were going to bubble over and create a real mess. I called these guys and explained the situation and before I knew it they were at my door ready to tackle the problem. They worked really quickly and efficiently and resolved the issue I was having with my septic tank. I really appreciated that after they finished handling the problem, they took the time to explain to me what went wrong and how I could prevent that problem from resurfacing. The guys they sent out were really nice and their work speaks for itself. I would definitely recommend these guys if you are having any kind of plumbing issue!
Elizabeth M.
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