Commercial Roof Drain Problem?

building maintenanceNeed a sharp commercial roof drain advisor?

If rain water is backing onto or under your roof membrane and causing unwanted leaks, chances are water is sitting on your roof because of a roof drain problem.

Whether your rooftop drains are stopped up or you need to add more, PDM will get things flowing in the right direction. We have the tools and experience to help you and won’t cut corners.

Roof drain tips.

  1. Locate drains no more than 50 feet from the roof perimeter.
  2. Place drains no more than 100 feet apart.
  3. No roof area should have less than two roof drains.
  4. Horizontal pipe capacity must be checked. Roof drain piping is available in 2″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ diameters.
  5. Replacing drains? Try to get an exact replacement, if not possible, find a drain with a deeper bowl to avoid hassles connecting with the riser pipe.
  6. Avoid connecting a threaded cast iron drain to a threaded PVC fitting as they most likely will leak over time.
  7. Use cast iron domes, not plastic domes, as they stand up to weather, wind better.
  8. Installing overflow drains? Run a separate storm drain line or to splash outside and avoid any future clogged drain issues.
  9. Let PDM help avoid roof drain headaches. Our drain camera can also give you peace of mind!

Contact a roof drain expert with a proven track record and a reputation businesses have trusted for 132 years.