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Your comfort is our job.

It is easy to find a commercial HVAC contractor, hard to find someone who feels right. Someone who naturally does the right thing even when no one is looking. Someone knowledgeable and can think on their feet when a difficult mechanical problem arises. Someone who cares! Try the PDM Clean Team who you can give the job to and not worry about the outcome. And someone to dig deep for the root cause of your mechanical pickle. PDM looks at tough commercial heating and cooling problems from all angles.

  1. Won’t leave your equipment vulnerable to a breakdown like some contractors.
  2. Will check your vital commercial HVAC systems top-to-bottom. You’ll learn what needs maintaining, what needs repairing and what can wait so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for you.
  3. Emergency response is overrated compared to emergency avoidance. PDM can help prevent unexpected HVAC & plumbing failures that can threaten your operations. Our plumbing, heating and cooling maintenance program also keeps your warranty active, improves efficiency and comfort.
  4. Award winning service. Experienced counts. Let PDM experts get you out of a jam quickly.
  5. You’re protected. Great insurance safety rating, licensed, fully insured, random drug screening and background checked.

PDM services most air conditioning systems, ductless air conditioning and heating, furnaces, boilers, rooftop HVAC units, space heaters, air filtering, air duct cleaning, humidifiers and more.

We’ll Have Your Back!

Rudy Mahalik, Jr., Partner, PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Since 1885

Finest Quality HVAC Work At A Most Competitive Price

QuoteWhen Union School District decided to replace its antiquated boiler system for individual rooftop units for each classroom, PDM was the lowest bidder. PDM provided the district with quality workmanship and on-time completion of the project. PDM continues to be the HVAC contractor that we use at Union School.  READ MORE  –– Richard Dombrowski, Interim Business Manager, Union School


Commercial HVAC Repair Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance, Repair

Avoid unexpected HVAC downtime. PDM keeps your vital systems running safely & efficiency. PDM services Trane, Carrier & most HVAC brands. Contact PDM 24/7.

Commercial HVAC Service

New HVAC System

Keeping you comfortable & cutting costs is job one. New rooftops, split furnace & AC, chillers, cooling towers, air handler. Contact PDM for a free competitive estimate.

Commercial Boiler Service

Boiler Service

Since the late 1880’s when boilers were invented PDM has been offering clean, energy efficient water or steam boiler installation, repair & maintenance. Contact the oldest boiler expert now.

Commercial Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Indoor air filtering solutions including an ultraviolet treatment system that hospitals use to zap live airborne particles, surface mold & viruses. Call for free healthy advice.

Commercial Humidifier

Humidifier, Dehumidifier

Whole building humidifier lowers heating costs, improves health, protects against window frost, condensation. Need to remove humidity, PDM can help! Call PDM for free advice.

Commercial Thermostat

WiFi Thermostat

Control your building temperature anytime, anywhere with your smart phone, computer, tablet. Lower utility bills, get peace of mind. Read more.

Commercial Ventilation

Ventilation System

Balanced fresh air ventilation systems for any season. Or an economical fresh air exhaust fan removes stale, warm air quickly. Call for free ideas.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Sheet Metal, Duct Cleaning

Keeping you comfortable, engineering it right. New duct installation, repair or maintain. Duct cleaning too. Call PDM today for free advice and estimate.


Tips to make your building work more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably. Below find 15 ways to lower energy costs, 6 ways to conserve water.

  •  Green Commercial Ideas. America’s 120,000,000 buildings are energy hogs consuming 42% of our primary energy (more than any other sector), 72% of its electricity and 34% of natural gas. For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) you save by using energy-efficient technologies, you are reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide (primary cause of global climate change), sulfur dioxide (key component of acid rain), and nitrogen oxides (responsible for smog).
  •  Green School Ideas. America has nearly 140,000 public, private and charter K-12 schools. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 30% of the energy used is either used unnecessarily or inefficiently…

Contact PDM and get a higher level of performance, efficiency and reliability from your commercial heating, cooling and plumbing systems. Call 815-726-6264.


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