10 Things Not To Put Down The Drain

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Drains are not a garbage can.

Clogged drains. Toys, snakes, you name it, PDM drain cleaners have found many different items that clog or damage drain pipes over the last 100 years. As a result blocked sewage can surge up through sinks, floor drains, toilets, disposals and make for a very messy problem.

Holidays are a busy times for plumbers. Avoid putting these item into your sink or toilet drain.

  1. Cooking oils, butter, and grease builds up in pipes over time
  2. Coffee grinds, egg shells
  3. Pasta, rice, flour
  4. Bags, paper, paper towels, rags or sticks, yes we find them in clogged drains.
  5. Motor oil, transmission fluids, anti-freeze or other toxic chemicals
  6. Paints, turpentine, nail polish, polish remover
  7. Corrosive substances that are either acidic or caustic
  8. Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  9. Disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, condoms
  10. Flushable cat litter, flushable wipes can clog your drain

Seems like most solid matter that is put down the toilet or drainpipe can cause clogged drain blockages in both the public sewer or a personal drain. As a result it leads to: raw sewage overflowing in your home or a neighbor’s home; an expensive and unpleasant cleanup; potential contact with disease-causing organisms.

PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been feeling their way through tough clogged drains and sewer piping since 1885. PDM plumbers will get your drains flowing in the right direction fast.

Fast and economical way to open clogged drains.

First of all a common way to open blocked drains is with electro-mechanical power-snake rodding equipment. It has a flexible steel cable with an attached blade that rotates through pipes to dislodge blockages.

Second, if a clogged drain job requires high pressure water jetting service, PDM drain cleaning will cover this need.

Likewise a video pipe sewer camera service can take the guesswork out of drain & sewer repairs and blockages.

Ultimately PDM has what it takes for sewer cleaning, sewer piping repair and new installation.

Prevent clogged drains. Try a planned maintenance program.

Have you had similar draining emergencies in the past? PDM licensed plumbers can help prevent them from happening again in the future. Regular drain cleaning helps lessen blockages, which can result in unsanitary conditions in a home or business.

So learn more about this 134 year old sewer cleaning company in Joliet, IL by visiting their website at callpdm.com or by calling 1-815-726-6264.

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