Bursting washing machine hoses are in the Top 10 insurance claims.

Washing machine hosesLeaking washing machine water hoses may be one of the most common causes of catastrophic water damage in homes. Your washing machine usually comes with cheap, rubber water hoses. But did you know the manufacturer wants you to turn off the water supply to the machine after every use?

As you know, rubber hoses weaken under constant water pressure, 24.7. If a water supply hose bursts it can empty hundreds of gallons of water and a few inches of water in your basement in a few hours. Imagine if you are not home for 8 hours or more!

Avoid this potential headache with STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED washing machine hoses.  It is a lot cheaper than the clean up mess.

THE SIMPLLE SOLUTION. PDM technician will carefully move your washing machine.  We will replace your tired old rubber hoses with the new stainless steel braided hoses.

We can install an emergency shut-off valve to help prevent a catastrophic flood automatically.

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