My sink is getting blue-green stains. Why did my kitchen faucet spring a tiny pinhole leak?

Acid neutralizer filter and  a water softener can help blue-green water staining.Acid neutralizer filter and a water softener can help blue-green water staining.

You most likely have an acid water problem.

  • The blue green stains come from the action of the acid on copper pipes (or rust staining from iron water pipes).
  • Water picks up copper from the corroding pipes and you see your stained plumbing fixtures.
  • Does your water also have an objectionable taste?Copper in water is not usually considered harmful to healthy young adults, it may be harmful to infants, small children, and frail elders.
  • The EPA says too much copper can cause health risks ranging from stomach problems to brain damage. Don’t ignore this problem. Call PDM for free phone advice.
  • We can slow or stop acids (raise pH levels over 8.3) from creating more pipe damage using acid neutralizer filtering, although it should be borne in mind that this treatment can’t undo existing corrosion.
  • A water softener may also help remove copper for you.

If you have an acid water filtering problem, PDM has a prescription for you.

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Learn more on your city water testing from the EPA Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).