When Was The Dishwasher Invented?

It was a chore in 1886 to wash china dishes without breaking them. So in her Illinois backyard woodshed, Josephine Garis Cochran, with the help of George Butters, a young mechanic, built a dish-washing machine. And so was born, “the progenitor of today’s KichenAid dishwasher.

“The United States Patent and Trademark Office said she measured the dishes first, then made wire compartments, each designed to fit plates, cups or saucers.  “The compartments were placed inside a wheel that lay flat within a copper boiler. A motor turned the wheel while hot, soapy water squirted from the bottom of the boiler and rained down on the dishes.”

“Cochran showed the dishwasher at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair , but only restaurants and hotels showed interest in it. She founded a company to manufacture her dishwashers that in time became Kitchen Aid, but it wasn’t until many years after her death that the machine captured the attention of the average housewife. The machine didn’t gain popularity for home use until the 1950s.”  From A Lincoln Learning

What do you remember about your first dishwasher?

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