“What Do You Mean Allergies Aren’t Normal?”

Allergies Aren't Normal

Allergies Aren’t Normal

If you have an allergy flare-up once a year (or more), something’s wrong

The following info may raise an eyebrow. (Or relieve a nostril!) Do you ever:

  1. Feel clammy even after you dry off from a shower?
  2. Sometimes get a static “shock” when you walk over carpet in winter?
  3. Randomly get a stuffy nose or wake up with a headache?

If “yes” or if you get seasonal allergies, this is not normal. It is quite likely caused by unhealthy indoor air. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology:

Over 50% of all allergies are related to poor indoor air quality.

This includes air that’s too wet or dry (questions 1 and 2) plus air that has dust mites, pollen, molds, pet dander, insect debris, smoke particulates and “off gassing” of chemicals in your home which could be polluting your lungs. In short, your air can be making you sick.

Living in SW Chicago suburbs, we hear complaints every year about illness, missed work, “passing around a cold,” that we KNOW we can help control. We’ll review your entire air delivery system. Plus, we’ll also electronically test for Carbon Monoxide (CO) to try and spot this odorless, colorless killer

You can begin by cleaning your Indoor Air Ducts. Here’s what Sue T. wrote about her experience.

“Anthony cleaned our ductwork this week. I was apprehensive about the process since we just completed a remodeling project and everything was back to normal. He was so efficient and neat that there was nothing to worry about. No mess and cleaner air! Don’t hesitate to contact PDM for this service.

Contact us by the end of the month and receive a $100 discount on your job. Plus, our work is 100% guaranteed and we use no chemicals. Call the PDM Clean Air Team today. 815-207-4111.