Is dirty air like dirty water?

It’s easy to see dusty furniture or a dirty floor, but when do you clean the air in your home? Indoor air you breathe can be hazardous to your health. When indoor air quality affects a person’s home, the lungs are the first to know. That’s because there’s a real connection between indoor air quality and respiratory health, including lung diseases like asthma.

Does indoor air cause breathing problems in your home?

The first question you’ll want to address is “when” do you (or someone in your family) feel health symptoms that could be caused by poor indoor air quality. Do these health symptoms improve when you leave your home? Do they return when you come back inside? If so, you’re on your way to investigating an indoor air pollution problem.

The American Lung Association offers a checklist of questions to ask as you evaluate your environment, starting with the following potential sources:

  • Is anyone smoking indoors? No one should smoke indoors.
  • Can you see or smell mold or mildew? Clean or find water source.
  • Is the humidity regularly above 50 percent? Or below 30% in the winter?
  • Has kitchen or food garbage been covered and removed?
  • Have you used pesticides recently?
  • Are there leaks or standing water anywhere – kitchen, basement, attic?
  • Are all fuel-burning appliances (gas stoves, water heaters, fireplaces) fully vented to the outdoors?
  • Is there an attached garage or basement where cars, lawnmowers or motorcycles are stored?
  • Are household chemicals, paints or solvents stored indoors or in an attached garage or basement?
  • Have you recently remodeled or added new furniture, carpeting or painted?
  • Do you use odor-masking chemicals or “air-freshening” devices?
  • Has kitchen or food garbage been covered and removed?
  • Have you used pesticides recently?
  • Have you tested your home for radon? Although radon doesn’t cause noticeable, physical symptoms, you should test your home for this dangerous substance.
  • If you’d like a more thorough evaluation, we can help. Your home comfort system also has an impact on indoor air – for good or bad, depending on your system’s condition. We’ll look for potential trouble spots in your environment as well as your system and make sure you’re breathing the best you can.

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P.S. Learn when to consider duct cleaning, watch the video “Air Purity In Your Home”