10 Key Strategies To Improve Your Life

LED shower head“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” — Buddha.

Here’s a summary of what Joyce Marter, Psychotherapist, writes about Self-Love: 10 Keys in Huffington Post

1) Consciously choose to be your own best friend. Stop being critical about yourself and compassionately help yourself out of a pickle.

2) Surround yourself with positive support. Choose carefully who you are around. If someone continually puts you down spend less time with them.

3) Live your life in a way that is congruent with who you truly are. Be honest with yourself and others.

4) Invest time, energy and resources in your dreams. Bring your dreams to life. Make a plan with dates and support from others.

5) Practice gratitude for your strengths, blessings and gifts and all you have done well. Look for the good you do.

6) Celebrate your body. Take care of your body.

7) Make your home a sanctuary. Remove clutter and make it safe and comfortable.

8) Manage your money. Money gives you security. Find help if needed.

9) Gift yourself with time and space. Be careful giving your time away.

10) Choose a “Self-Love Hero.” Let go of your limitations with the help of a friend.

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